Connection before Correction is the Kinder Path to Better Behavior*

This is a video lesson. Watch to discover how to bring more connection into your discipline strategy when you must make a correction to your child's behavior.

Connection before Correction

A Kinder Path to Better Behavior

Remember how kindness can help us all cultivate more happiness and joy in our own lives and the lives of those that we care about?

The positive discipline tool "Connection before Correction" is a great ways to bring kindness into your discipline strategy.

Making this essential change to your discipline strategy can make a very positive impact on your child's well-being and willingness to cooperate with you.

The best part about choosing connection before correction is that it can help YOU feel calmer and more confident when addressing any kind of misbehavior.

The video lesson below and your handout will give you more suggestions and tips for putting connection before correction into action.

Do you think you connect with your child more than you correct them?

I'd like to invite you to keep track for a few days of your connection vs. correction ratio. Notice how often you connect and how often you just correct your child.

  • Share with us in comments how this experience was for you. Are you surprised at your results?
  • What if anything are you hoping to change about the way you connect or correct your child going forward?

QUICK TIP: If you find it hard to connect with your child before offering corrections, check out the lesson on Emotional Regulation. This might help you calm yourself first and find a better strategy to respond before you react.

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